What Am I Playing ?

I know it’s been a long long time since I posted one of these “What Am I Playing” which I tend to keep users updated for what video games I’m playing…. Well my current game of choice is: Batman – Arkham Asylum
I tossed the game in and it said I haven’t touched the game since 2012 and I was 15% done, I had trouble at first but the controls came back to me like I just started so i’m working my way through things.
So I’m playing it on Xbox 360

For those Batman fans, I’m sure you guys already know that it’s been 75 years of Batman I can’t believe he’s that old, Batman is a old man by now and can you imagine how old Alfred is ?

Anyways thought I would drop one of these posts and now back to gaming.


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So it appears so many sites that I have signed up for, all have the ability to use youtube in some manner… Perhaps I’ll go back to moving my videos… I know I have a lot to move but it maybe worth it with all the sites I’m on..

I’ll keep ya posted.


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Buy My Music…

Alright so as I said before I’ve been doing a lot in regards to my music  and getting things up and going and all that fun stuff…. Well I recently joined up with a site called Band Camp (insert American Pie joke here) … but anyways they allow me to sell my music through them, so I have it setup so that you can buy my albums … full albums for $1 or more… if you want to pay more you can, if you just want to pay $1 then go for it and pay me $1

Not many artists are doing that now are they ?
To get these great deals you can find them here:

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Some More Music News

I know as of late I’ve been posting nothing but music news and notes and for the most part that’s what I am focusing on because ever since I started to write I also always wanted to create music and find a place to post it and I finally have found spots…

I have currently signed up for a site called DatPiff which seems to be rather popular with music

Right now the best spot to check out my music is:

As I am ranked #39, I also plan on getting the music section on this site up and running, as I may do it later today or tonight we’ll see how things go.

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New Music Album…

Alright so I got another new album listed this one is called “Skabz” you can check out all my music by clicking on the ReverbNation icon on the side or:

Be sure to swing over and give a listen, I’ve been jumping up the rankings as I’m now ranked #39… Help me get higher…

Thanks in advance

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Store Now Open…

As I said not long ago that the store is in process of being created, well it’s now online…

All eBooks are $1

Come by and support me:

Right now I only have a few items listed, more shall be added in due time..



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Online Store… In Progress…

So I’ve decided to open an online store, to sell anything that we choose to do … eBooks or Music or anything else we choose to do through the store.

It’s currently in progress of being created, all eBooks will be $1
Everything will be done through paypal…

So I hope everyone will continue to support me as there is a good chance that I won’t be doing the distribution thing through Smashwords anymore, but what is up on that site will remain.


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More Music News

Alright so I posted up a new album called “New Evolution” it’s listed on my ReverbNation page..

I know the music page on this site is still sitting blank like it’s a new page but trust me I’ll be posting up images and linking to my albums in due time as right now I have two albums listed up on ReverbNation but I have 9 more that will be posted for sure…

But I’m hoping to get the music section of this site up and online later today and perhaps get another album posted as well…


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Past Friends – Book #3…..

Alright so I have officially named the 3rd book of the series, at this point in time I haven’t started to write anything for it… But I’m sure I will sooner than later as there’s a bunch of stuff going on right now.

The 3rd book of the series is called “Loner”
the cover is completed….


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First Album Reposted

Alright well I decided to repost my first album but this time on a more well known website the site is called ReverbNation and my first album called HitList is posted, I will be setting up a section for my music in the next day or two, I know I said this before but I also ran into some computer trouble and just got my computer back on the weekend and had to do some work on it, but now that I’m almost all back… I shall be posting up more stuff for music and more blogs…

So check out my first album and plenty more be on the way.


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