Vacation Poetry

So i’ve been saying this since being on vacation but vacation has been done for quite sometime and I want to get things posted… So I finally have Vacation Poetry online, it’s a short collection of poetry I wrote while on vacation.

It’s immediately up on Smashwords and for anyone else who reads who doesn’t read things on smashwords your going to have to wait as per usual to get it, it should only be up to a week but it depends when things get approved.. Things are quicker than they use to be for getting approved so don’t worry it’ll get out to you soon enough.

The vacation sucked for a few reasons and you can read it by clicking the cover to the left.


A Look Back….

So I decided to take a look back at all the stuff I’ve released in the past, no matter what name I used:
Blood Lotuz
Trillium Trio
Mr. Love Zone
Shane Diamond
Project Druyd
KJ Abyzz
Kenny Roberts

I sat and read almost everything that I wrote through the entire time of writing… Looking back I always had that idea of wanting my poetry to sound like someone… That someone was whichever artist or artists I was most into during the time of that release, at first things started out to be violent and hateful because truthfully that’s the type of music that I was into and I knew who I listened to had fans and I was hoping that I would gain some attention of some of them to look at my stuff… I did gain a little bit of attention but not a whole lot.
So as time continued on I basically stuck on that darker path through most of my writing, however then things just clicked… I got to the point of not wanting to sound like anyone else as I had a voice I had my own ideas and I wanted to post my own stuff, my own thoughts, my own ideas… I wanted to be me when I wrote, to some who may look at some of my releases as stupid and talentless to me they weren’t and never will be. At the time of writing each release something was going on in my mind or in my life and I wanted to write about it and get it out there as no matter what your going through there are other people who are also going through the exact same thing you are.

So I continued to write what I was going through, at first I was nervous that nobody would give a shit about what I wrote but more and more I wrote the more I realized that I just didn’t care how much or how little people read what I did. I no longer tried to sound like anyone, if something happened to me and I wanted to write about it I would and it would get released… I have released more than most (if not all) poets in short periods of time…

Most people bitch saying my releases are short, the last time I checked poetry wasn’t measured out in a set length… Also the last time I checked my donations are at a grand total of $0 … So if you want to bitch about my poetry being short and if you want me to listen then try donating $10 … I’ll listen to you saying my poetry is short, but at this point in time no money is coming in, not that money coming in will change the length of my poetry but it would allow me to do other things like buy a .com for myself and to hopefully help things get more notice.

At times I have had the thought of writing something dark, but truthfully I’m not that guy anymore… The last few releases from Kenny Roberts I had trouble writing it was a pain in the ass to write.

I have finally gotten my vacation poetry off of the laptop and put onto the computer and I have finished things, all I have to do right now is create a cover for it and post it up… I don’t know if that’s going to be happening tonight or not… I haven’t fully decided…

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the look back, perhaps you learned something… Perhaps you didn’t…


What a day/night…

Been sleeping like shit lately, all day today I’ve been fighting to stay awake so I can get into bed at a decent time… Well I got into bed at a decent time, had trouble walking to my bedroom as my feet are cold as ice and my wrists are sore, think I may have sprained them…

So anyways I crawled into bed and tossed on a movie, watched 90% of the movie and i’m still awake my feet are still ice, I have a pair of socks on and I can feel the coldness through the socks… It’s now 330am and I’m heading back to bed but sadly I’m still feeling rather awake, I got a rather full day tomorrow of things that I would like to get done and I gotta have dinner wtih Crystal’s parents as we do every week or two which is fine by me as it gets me away from things.

With my feet being cold and it being that late at night (or early in the morning) depending on how you want to look at it I don’t know how tomorrow is going to work.

I’m not feeling that tired at all, I have one or two ideas for new releases, I haven’t worked on anything right now as I should be in bed… I also know I got to release my vacation release sooner than later so I can get that out there too.

I know the last few posts I’ve done haven’t really had any keywords and that’s what tends to drive people to this site/blog but truthfully I try not to incorperate keywords into everything as I want to see at times if people will stumble upon things or not.

I know promotion is everything to people and getting there stuff out and plugging it with the keywords in order to get more exposure, I work differently… I know my stuff is going to many sites and getting exposure on each site when things get listed as a “new release”… However at times I just look at it and say “keywords are over rated” I know many say “how do you expect to get a target audience” well it’s tough to get one when my posts aren’t always about the same thing and what may inspire one person may not inspire the next.


From The Petals

I know this isn’t the stuff I wrote while on vacation, because that’s still on my laptop at the present time… However this is something new… It’s called “From The Petals” brought to you by Trillium Trio.

It’s instantly up for you smashwords readers but for anyone else they’ll have to wait a few days for things to get distributed.

A Painful Update…

I wanted to come on here and let everyone know that I’m done my vacation and back at home, however some how today I managed to hurt myself and hurt myself real good…… I feel that right now I should be in a full body cast so I have limited movements because:

Left Arm
Both Wrists
Both Knees

All hurt right now, it truly is slowing me down on doing anything that I want to do including typing this short blog/update for you guys because as I type I can feel the pain… I have no idea what I did that put me in this great deal of pain and discomfort but I am hoping that it passes in a few days for sure.

So that is my update

I do have a new release that I want to get posted but I haven’t had time to finish things or do a cover up, as per ususal I set no release dates because I can never stand by them as something always comes up, but I will keep you all posted on that.

For now it’s time to go rest.


Vacation Update 2

Still on vacation for another couple of days..
Been writing off and on, but it’s been hot as fuck so I haven’t done much of anything except lounge around with nothing more than a smile on my face…. Yup I no doubt just scared off any female who keeps up with my blog lol

I know when I go back on Friday I have a ton of  stuff to do on that day after I make a quick stop back at home to drop everything off.

Having a hard time keeping my body heat down.

Going to go see whats on TV for now.


Vacation – Day 2 – Finished

So its late night second day of vacation and some how I hurt my shoulder and got a sore neck and the first night didn’t provide a good night of sleep.

The internet here is turtle speed at best, takes me forever to do anything.

Next few days calling for thunderstorms, neither one of us has been outside of the room much because of the heat, as heat doesn’t do well with us as it tends to make us sick.

Will give more info later…


K.O.D.P – released

I mentioned how I wanted to get one of my releases out by thursday, well here it is… the release is called K.O.D.P

If you would like to read it through Smashwords then you can by clicking on the cover to the left, if you want to read it through another site your going to have to wait for a little bit till the distribution takes place, it shouldn’t be too long before it gets sent through everything.


My First Review…

Alright so it turns out that a fan did a review of not just one but EVERY SINGLE ONE of my releases… I came across this on twitter as the fan tweeted the review to me on twitter:

At first when I read it I was at the in laws (Crystal’s parents) so I didn’t have much time to really read it I more so seen it and skimmed over it but now that I’m home I have had the chance to sit down and read it. I can see that he gets his books of mine from Barnes & Noble which actually gives me a ton of downloads as Smashwords recently allowed it’s users to look at how frequently there stuff was being downloaded on other sites and I notice that Barnes & Noble gives me a ton of downloads.

I kinda wish I had a .com for him to push rather than the long address that I do have, however right now money is tight so I’m sticking with the free address that I have…

Anyways back to his reviewers name is Sapphoq and to answer your one question that you did ask Miss:
You hope that Crystal and Myself continue to write, truthfully I keep bothering Crystal to write but right now she tells me she doesn’t have much of a interest in doing so, however I will pass forth the review that you have given and perhaps that will encourage her to do so. As for myself the last book you reviewed of mine is “Internet Black Out” as you said you didn’t review the Lost Treasure series, well I am working on one release that I’m hoping to get it listed by thursday at the latest the release is called: K.O.D.P
So there ya go a lil bit of inside scoop for you to keep looking for.

Also a few comments in regards to your review:

You’ll find that plenty of my older stuff and various ideas revolve around music including that of Insane Clown Posse… quick backstory for ya… Back in high school I really wasn’t listening to music, my only friend at the time was listening to shit like Brittney Spears and Christina …. Because he felt if he listened to that it would get him laid…. I rolled my eyes at the music and couldn’t stand it, although to “fit in” with his perspective I bought one or two CDs which I later sold … But then I came across the group Insane Clown Posse, the first album of theres that I bought was: Amazing Jeckal Brothers
Still got the ICP album to this day and I still listen to them, and the funny story was I was told by my friend and my brother “No girl will want anything to do with you if you listen to them” …. Crystal and I met on myspace (long story) but the first time we hung out I took a few CDs… I know I had atleast 4 and the artists/groups were:
Tech N9ne
Killa C
Insane Clown Posse

Truth be told, later that night when we were chatting online, she asked me who we were listening to in the car, so I told her … Lets just say she’s been a fan ever since.

So enough of me talking, I think it’s time to go read the review so head on over to:
To start reading