Been Away and Will be a little longer..

When you fall in love with someone, your suppose to love them no matter what… But in a good relationship at times you’ll joke that you “hate” the person for a stupid reason and they’ll understand…. Well with all that in mind at this point in time I “hate” Crystal… we’ve been watching her parents place and since day one she’s been fighting a cold… Well here we are not even a week into her having it and she’s passing it onto me… So for that I “hate” her… Of course she knows I’m kidding as we both knew I was going to get it since it’s kinda hard not to pass it off to someone else and I guess I’m just the guy jumping up and down saying “pick me”

So I’ve been away from things for a little bit, and I will be for a bit longer… since I’m just starting to get this cold of hers… I have no idea how long I’ll be away from things but I may pop up on here with short messages now and then and hopefully they’ll make sense… But with it being September I guess it’s cold/flu season…

Yay for me… so I’ll get going before I make anyone of the readers sick…


Overloading Releases…

Over the next little while (haven’t decided long or short while) I’m going to be pushing out a few releases. More so just to get them finished or just to get them released, I got 1-2 poetry releases to do and bout 3-5 music albums to drop.
These are going to come rather fast and furious because there is a big change coming and I just want to finish up and get things out there before this change happens.

More on this as things progress.

September Suicide – Released

I already know that someone is going to bitch about something to do with this, it’s kinda sad that I can already see that when things haven’t been out for more than 5 minutes… Anyways here’s the deal with what I wrote it’s called “September Suicide” over the last two months (August & September of 2014) I found a lot of celebrities were in the news for sad things and those sad things were suicides.. I’m not going to list the ones I’m talking about as I’m sure anyone up on daily current events can easily find that out.
Anyways… My head has been spinning and trying to figure out what’s going on with these people so naturally I wrote about it… Naturally I can see someone bitching about what I wrote as well because of one of a few reasons, but I know the ones who bitch about what I write about won’t look at it like how it’s suppose to be.. They will look at the fine layer on top of it all and want to twist it up.. The joys of being a writer…

Be sure to give it a read by clicking on the cover on the left hand side… Well it might not be on the left it might be on the top, it kinda depends on how your looking at this since I realized recently that mobile is a little different than what I see since I don’t use my phone for anything web related.

Anyways give it a read, hope you enjoy and understand what I’m trying to say.

Just wanted to toss in a quick update and say I made one adjustment to the release giving the link in my ebook to the “Suicide Prevention Lifeline” for anyone who may need it.

Thanks for taking the time

Things have been happening…

So I haven’t posted in a while because a lot of things have been happening and most of which fall under the category that I really dislike and it’s all been out of my control and has left me rather shaken up.

Just keeping this post short for now…

Need to get back to resting

My Help Not Wanted – Released

You never really know when I’m going to release stuff, as I tend to randomly work on things and although while others feel like poetry or any type of release needs to be 20+ pages I don’t feel that way… Perhaps that’s why many writers don’t last longer than 1-2 books ? …. just something to think about.

As I said in the title “My Help Not Wanted” has been released, it’s short prose release bout my struggles of finding a job, yup still jobless….
Be sure to read it, it was actually released a day or two ago but it just got pushed to release outside of the main site so everyone else should be finding it on there sites in due time

Eyes Won’t Close…

It’s kinda interesting, during the day when Crystal and I watch TV (or a movie) I can’t keep my eyes open, but at night when it’s time for bed… I can’t keep my eyes close…. It’s also interesting that I use that line because that’s the first line or two I have in something new I’m working on… I just started no more than 10min before I posted this so I have no idea when it’ll be online, as per usual it’ll be in my “prose” format of poetry..

I’ll keep ya posted when I have something new.


Talk To Someone…

Ever since hearing about the passing of Robin Williams and knowing that both myself and Crystal get depressed from time to time, when she was cooking up dinner the other evening I walked up to her and said to her “I want you to make me a promise that if you ever feel depressed you’ll talk to me”… Talking is important, at least let someone know how you feel, maybe they can help out or point you towards a good direction.
I know my days of being online and doing a ton of social networking (back when I was more social) I talked to a few people, I had a few people who claim that I feel all “high and mighty” and that I look down on people… That’s not the case, but I wanted to do up a post to send out the word and possibly encourage people to talk to friends or family when your depressed…


Hopefully Heaven Will Be Laughing…

Just yesterday Crystal and I came back to where we live after doing some running around and I went upstairs to do a few things while she came down and checked her email, I remember her calling up to me and asking me to come down, and that’s when she showed me the news about Robin Williams. I still can’t believe it, he always seems so happy and cheerful when  you see him in movies but my father once told me a line that has kinda stuck with me

“You never know what goes on behind closed doors”

Now I’m not trying to say Robin was a bad man or anything like that, but as everyone seen he was a funny man. It’s said that he was battling with depression leading up to what he did. But what I mean by my comment: “You never know what goes on behind closed doors” … Many people are one way when they’re around friends and family but when they’re alone.. There completely different which can be for many reasons. A few of which I can understand.
I recently read something about the man that shocked me, it was said that he had trouble speaking to people when he’s one on one with them, but if you put him in a room with two or more people he came to life. This was facinating to me, as I’m the complete opposite. I have trouble talking to groups of people but I’m more comfortable with one on one conversations. Which is why you’ll never see me at any poetry readings or anything like that as that’s not how I roll.

You will truly be missed that’s for sure, and as I said in the title “I Hope Heaven Will Be Laughing” because down here… we we’re not.

Having A Rough Time…

So over the last two weeks things haven’t exactly been great for me, which has had me second guessing a few things in life..

So just over two weeks ago a friend of mine pointed out what looked like a potential “nest” so I kept an eye on things and realized that there seems to be some frequent activity going in and out of that hole he pointed out… After taking a photo and catching what was coming in and out we realized that it was yellow jackets… In a 60 second time gap at any given time you would have 4-7 of those bastards coming or going from that hole… So needless to say it needed to be taken care of.
After looking into it we decided to let the professionals handle it so we called someone in, it cost $140 to get a professional to “dust” them but I would rather have them dead than have them “forced out” to rebuild else where…

On top of that we had a few other insects and things in the house that we didn’t want to deal with that we seemed to have seen more frequently… Which caused me to spraying the basement with some bug killer, and I sprayed it rather well… We spent almost an entire week out of the basement sleeping else where in the house.

Oh and I forgot to mention … one more thing for that list… One evening I decided to cook me up some french fries and the oven started to act fucking crazy and gave me this error message and started to beep like crazy, didn’t know if it was going to explode or what.. But needless to say for the next two days I was shaking rather well and that made it so for the next three days were spent out of the house at Crystal’s parents place. Until the exterminator came then we spent the night before back at home so we could meet up with the exterminator and show the problem area…

Right now I don’t even know if we have a oven that we’re going back to, which isn’t exactly a thought that I want to think about.

Well it’s late, I should head my ass off to bed.


Back At It Again…

So I’m back at it again, meaning I’m writing poetry again… Currently this selection of poetry DOES NOT have a title, as this one is focused around job hunting and some of the crap I’ve seen / endured while trying to land myself that elusive job. I only got a few pages done this project has been something I’ve been working on and off for quite sometime. As I did start this earlier this year, however due to constantly jumping to something else it just kinda sat on the shelf and more or less collected dust. So I’m back working on things again.

I’m still trying to decide what’s best for me as I currently have two blogs on the go… kinda seeing what gathers more traffic.