It Got Me Thinking…

So today I’ve been surfing around wordpress and getting more familiar with my blog and what I can do with it, I ventured to the “themes” section of the blog (where you can change up the look of things) I got looking at the different categories like “trending” “popular” “newest” and it got me thinking.. if I choose a “popular” theme will my blog get more popular ? I know I highly doubt it as it’s not how your blog looks but it’s whats on your blog.. But it just got me thinking about things.. Can I possibly make my blog more popular ? I mean sure right now I have 476 hits but if I choose a popular theme would I get more hits ?

I know I doubt it.. but like I said it got me thinking.

Anyways I do plan on making changes to this blog in 2013.. Giving things a new look and hopefully setting things up a little different…

But anyways thats then this is now.. and for now I must be going..


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