Going Old School… Video Games

So once again I’m frustrated like fucking crazy, my main game system is Xbox 360 but to be honest with you, it’s annoying the living shit out of me for the last time… I shall pack it away for at least 2 months and play something old school… I haven’t decided what I’m going to play though, but over the course of 2012 and the short start of 2013 the Xbox 360 has annoyed me for the last time, I can’t play it.. I need a break….

So how has it annoyed me you asked ?

Annoyance #1 – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Masters Collection – your expected to buy courses with real money in order to play the game, each course is about $10 and there’s about 5-10 courses so your coughing up a decent chunk to play, if you don’t buy the courses can you still play the game ? YES but it’s fucking impossible to win cause at times you’ll be one course behind at other times you’ll be 2 courses behind so there really is no way to win at things.

Annoyance #2 – NHL 13, yes I shelled out the money to get it just before Christmas, guess what… Found out I can’t play it, the stupid controls that it asks you to use, cramps the shit outta my hands after 20min so thank you once again EA Sports for making me spend money on a game that I can’t play..

Annoyance #3 – Medal Of Honor – Warfighter – Got this also around Christmas, got playing it, I’m at a part  that seems to move so fast that my eyes and fingers can’t keep up, so I’m shooting at shit that I can’t see in hopes of living but it never works out in my favor.

So I haven’t decided what system I’m going to, I got 3 I can choose from: Xbox, Playstation 2 & Game Cube
I also have a wii but that will remain hooked up, I don’t have many games for it.. But it does get used quite a bit… Hell I gotta practice OK, Competition on it is getting tougher with more people I know getting one they all want to play me..

At this point in time, my game of choice for wii is Tiger Woods 09
I’m unsure if I’ll trade “Friend codes” right now, but if your interested let me know and I’ll keep ya posted


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