Day 2 – No Video Games

Welcome to day 2 of no video games, the first day I played wii, a tiger woods game for it.. Tiger Woods 09 to be exact and it did nothing but frustrate me, because it has a few glitches in the game, more so when you putt.. Trust me it gets worse as you play more, at first it was just Crystal having trouble with it as of late it’s the two of us, so the wii sits today not being used.. I would love to get the final tiger woods game for the wii.. That being Tiger Woods 12 in hopes of no problems, however the pricing for that is $60+ and it’s all fucking used shit.. I’m not coughing up $60+ on a used game or hell even a new game..
So today the wii sits, not being played, not that I’m overly worried about that because to be honest with you I can see many days of this happening, and while those days maybe boring and long. It’d either that or have them filled with frustration and long… I mentioned about hooking up a old system like Game Cube or Playstation 2, to be honest I haven’t done either, i dont know what i want to play or if i even want to play either.. so i’m just sitting back and waiting until something sounds good, but it won’t..

so if your waiting for a video game update beyond this you’ll be waiting a long time.


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