Trouble Sleeping…

Seems like every so often I go through this bout of trouble sleeping.. Well I’m back at it.. I’ll sleep for a few hours then awake for a few, what bugs me the most about this is generally when I wake up my body wants to get up and do something which sucks because the hours that it wakes up are some retardedly early hours in the morning so me being me I try and fight it back to sleep.. Trust me it doesn’t work.. I end up tossing on a movie or TV show to try and relax too and fall asleep while watching but that doesn’t seem to work.. Well Right now to add more to it than that I have a headache, I don’t really know what to say in regards to my headache or anything with my lack of sleep.. I know Crystal has been getting rather worried about me cause no matter when I goto bed I can’t seem to stay asleep for long and at times when we throw the TV on in the evening I end up not seeing a whole lot of it as my eyes are shut and I’m out like a light.

I would like to say a massage would help, but sadly I don’t even know if that would help.. Besides to be honest I don’t know who would want to give me one anyways..
I have tried sleeping pills but they seem to wake me up in the early ass hours in the morning with back spasms which doesn’t help getting me back to sleep.

I’ll no doubt post another update tomorrow I want to change this blog’s look for this year I do have a few thoughts, I’m also almost done getting all of our videos moved.. But anyways its 430am it’s time for me to try and get some sleep before I start beating myself over the head with something hard… I have been told I shouldn’t go that route as it my cause brain damage… But I figure with 99% of people telling me I don’t have a brain cause they feel I’m stupid then I can’t really do damage to something that more than likely isn’t there


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