Day 2 – I Hate This Snow…

So your no doubt wondering what happened to day one of this, well day one was yesterday and to be honest with you Crystal and I spent the day outside shoveling and if it wasn’t for and friendly guy down the street who showed up with a snow blower attached to his 4 wheeler I think we would have been shoveling damn near all day.. Although I think one of the laughs we had while shoveling before the guy came around was we seen the plow, now normally everyone hates the plow cause that means the mound at the end of the drive way is getting bigger… Trust me it did get bigger but I couldn’t help but laugh at one of my neighbors who just finished the bottom of there drive way shortly before the plow showed up.. As the plow went by all I heard from them was them groaning of having to do it again, plus them yelling “fuck you plow guy”.. Which I can’t say I blame them I mean we all hate the plow guy in the winter… OK correction we all hate the plow guy in the winter when we’re shoveling the drive way.. When your out on the road the plow guy is a good guy… But when shoveling the drive way he’s your enemy because he’s just adding to your work..

Well this being day 2, I know Crystal had to shovel before she went to work, the good news is she didn’t have to shovel much.. Since we both know that the bulk of it was yesterday and it just didn’t want to stop.. Trust me neither one of us were impressed since it seemed like when things got done we would have to start all over again.. I think if it wasn’t for the friendly guy down the street we would have spent all day shoveling the drive way and that would have just been once just to get the bulk of it done.. But we ended up doing it 5 times, the first time was the worse since it had the most.

Of course today’s job is I have to shovel off part of the back deck so I can bring in wood, since I know my mother wasn’t happy about me bringing in wood from the garage and taking it from the spot that she’s going to get it from when I’m not here for two weeks… Yes I’ll be house/dog sitting for Crystal’s parents, I will have my computer and I will be working on various things as usual.
The back deck only needs a portion to be shoveled off which is the good thing

I know I have a bunch of things that I would like to work on with this site, and perhaps release a single today too.. But it’s clear to me at this point in time that I’m hungry, it’s also clear to me that my shoulder will remain sore today as it won’t beable to rest atleast not all day.. Although it does say it’s -4 outside it’s funny to watch snow melt..
Well time to “suit up” that is… “Snow suit up”.. Since I know I need to bring in some wood, I also know that I need to get this done so I can eat and start working on a few other things… I shall return hopefully with some update…


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