Update (Updated)

I know in my last post I stated that I wanted to get some work done on the site as I have a few things I’d like to change up.. I do have those ideas I just never got around to it.. I’m just stopping in for a brief moment to do a quick little post, but who knows I may do some changes too I’m not 100% at this point in time..

I also mentioned about giving up on Rap music, my current bands of choice are: Rammstein & KMFDM they’re two bands I’ve been listening to for the last little while and keep going back to listening, I’ve been finding a few of there albums in 2nd hand shops which helps for my collection.. I may not have many of either group but when I can snag up another album for a decent price I’m more than happy to do just that.

Also wanted to tell you all that I’m being told a few days ago that tomorrow (February 12th 2013) is actually Pancake Day… yes I know I sound like a child when I say that but who cares, pancakes are delicious and yummy… So go make yourself and your loved ones some pancakes..

** Correction **
The bands I’m listening to currently have changed, don’t get me wrong I have nothing against the bands I listed above however I don’t speak German (in regards to Rammstein) and the albums I have of KMFDM are remix albums.. Right now I want to listen to something I can actually understand and perhaps inspire some writing…

So the current music I’m listening too & checking out is:
Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire
Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists
Disturbed – Indestructable

I also have other music on my computer but I’m looking for something new to sink my teeth into…
Anyways bad weather is all around me so I shall be getting offline for a bunch in a bunch..


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