Love Second Hand Stores..

So today Crystal and I were out doing some running around, one of our favorite places to pop into are second hand stores so the first one that we bought something we snagged up some CDs so my collection I snagged up was:

Common – Be
Dream Theater – Once In A Live Time
Sum 41 – All Killer No Filler
Jay-Z – The Blue Print 3
U2 – 18 Singles
Common – Like Water For Chocolate
Moby – Play

I’m sure at some point in time artists are going to hate me for shopping second hand stores since they get no coin from it, to be honest it’s how I come across various artists I like because I’m not a fan of dropping $20+ on one CD to find out I dislike it…. For you $20 maybe nothing for me, $20 to try out on a artist isn’t something I choose to do.. I’d rather buy things second hand to check out new artists..

But things get better and for you gamers out there your gonna fucking love this… my next stop I went to was another second hand shop which I picked up 3 Xbox 360 games:

UFC – Undisputed 3
MMA – Supremacy
It cost me a lil shy of $20 for the 3 games.. How fucking sweet is that ? I almost bought the UFC Game for $20 by it self on numerous occasions, turns out… If I wait shit will come to me cheap… That’s why I shop at second hand stores… I’m sure a few of the video gamers who follow will be impressed with that.

Alright well just wanted to drop a quick update, I’m sure I’ll be back later tonight with another update.


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