Thinking About Moving ?!?!

Over the last little while (more so 3-4 days) I’ve been thinking about moving.. not myself, but this site/blog.. I’m not happy with it.. I don’t know if anyone of you may have noticed but over the last few days my blog has had about 10-30 different looks.. Trust me I am indecisive I can’t decide what look I like best.. I know in my mind what I want to do however I can’t do it.. I can only change up the very basic stuff unless I pay… Sadly the people at wordpress would like me to pay $30.. I am not a fan of this… As I have no money and see no point in paying $30 to customize colors on my blog.. I can’t find a template that I like either  which doesn’t help the matter.
So right now I am searching my other options, I know I originally came from a website then I went to blogger now I’m here and as much as I enjoy being here I don’t.. I will NEVER go back to blogger, not a fan of google for many reasons…
So I am looking at where else to go..

I’ll be sure to keep you up to date so my loyal people can keep up with what I do, if you want.

For now I’m out


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