What Passes For Music – Part 2

So here I am sitting around listening to some music, what ever happened to the days of having to have talent to be a top artist ?..  It seems like most top hip hop stars and top R&B stars (more so the men) use this thing called “Auto Tone” now for those who don’t know.. Auto Tone basically makes you sound like a robot, and takes away much credibility of you having any sort of vocal range since they seem to put you through this auto tone crap so that you can “sing”..

Seriously what happened to the time when you needed talent in order to be a top artist ?, not to mention the songs that have came out lately.. Are they really being forced to push out music quicker and quicker ?.. Half of this stuff sounds like it might be good for a ringtone but that’s basically it..

I’m sure more than one person out there will dislike my comments but seriously what does pass for music these days ?.. At times I can’t help but think it’s nothing good that does pass for music.

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