Time To Organize…

Sooner or later once you have a collection of something, or a collection that is exceeding your train of thought it’s time to start to catalog things and hopefully better organize things so I’ve been expanding my organization stuff.

Software I use:

EMDB – it’s a handy little program, does everything I want and more, couldn’t ask for a better program as this is what I use to catalog my extensive DVD collection.

Calibre – Well ever since getting a eBook reader I noticed my eBooks are getting out of hand and with having a few people ask me what I have, I knew I had to get my hands on a tool to better organize my collection this is what I use for that..

Recently I kept talking about wanting to organize and catalog my video games and music…

Data Crow – This is considered the “Ultimate” in terms of cataloging, and although it can be used for: Movies/Games/Music/Books and more, I just use it for my Video Games  & Music collection.

Some of you may wonder why use Data Crow for just minimal choices of stuff, to be honest I have thought about allowing things to have it take over my entire collection, however Crystal’s parents and my mother’s boyfriend also like to see what movies I have so it’s easier to give them EMDB with my files than Data Crow… Not saying Data Crow is difficult to use by any means because it’s not. But it is what I started out with a year or two ago or maybe 3 I don’t know, but it is what I started out with to catalog my movie collection… I enjoy each program I use and have recommended the first two in the list to a few people, more so EMDB as Data Crow I just started to use.

But for anyone who has extensive collections and want to catalog them so that a simple glance at a program will show them what they have then be sure to check out my choices above all are 100% freeware and all show case different features for each thing that they do, but it depends on what you want in terms of features… I’m also checking out another program for another collection of mine. But I won’t post that until I decide if I’m going to keep tabs on this one collection or not…

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