Is This My Good Bye To Steam ?

So I was so excited when I joined Steam, I bought a few games but never really had a chance to play them when I first joined up I was over at Crystal’s parents place and I was asked by Crystal to keep an eye on the bandwidth since she didn’t want me to max out the bandwidth while her parents were on vacation… So I bought a few games off steam, downloaded them… Installed them… But I didn’t play them.. Then I got home and my mind raced… It raced to the point of “WOO HOO I get to play the games I bought” then it happened… My internet got god-awful slow… I’m talking damn near dial up speeds at times.. It’s painful to surf.. As for watching youtube videos.. Out of the question… Too slow can’t even preload any video.. It sucks…

So this brings me to Steam, as quick as I joined I very well maybe saying good bye after spending some money on it which is a real drag… The reason that may have me saying good bye is simple, it’s my slow internet connection and I know that I don’t need to be online to play all the games I got..  Although to start up each game I do need to be online, and right now if either one of the games had any updates I would honestly be screwed because my connection is so slow in order to download a 100mb file, it takes 1-2 hours and I’m on a DSL connection.. I have no idea what is going on things weren’t this bad before I left but for some reason it’s just plain awful right now.

Right now nothing is set in stone, I will be judging things over the next few days I am hoping my internet connection will go back to what it use to be…

My other down fall of computer games also came today, I was itching to play Sim City 4, turns out the copy I bought in a used store didn’t have a serial number… One thing I never thought about looking for.. the previous owner basically just ripped the cover of the book off so he can play it anytime he wants… The thing that bugs me the most is I’m itching to play it… I guess I can always just buy it again off Origin or Steam…  Or someone could send me a free gift through Steam… I know your prob wondering how if you don’t know my username… It’s the same as my twitter name….

But anyways right now I stand confused as I don’t know what is going to happen I don’t know if I’ll be keeping steam on my computer or not.. The next two days will tell for sure.


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