Feeling Useless…

So today I’m feeling mighty useless.. I slept like shit last night with my sore back it seemed I kept waking up and having rather sh ort intervals of sleep.. As per my request last night Crystal brought in wood for me knowing that I am fucking useless today and I can’t do anything without putting myself in pain.
She put on a movie to watch before she went to work while we eat and lets just say after my food was gone, my eyes closed.. Most sleep I’ve had all night…
Tonight going to try another pain killer but a different brand.

I feel very fucking useless today as I can’t do anything to be honest with you, I’m sitting here at the computer wasting time right now, I do plan on tossing on a movie or two today to watch while I’m at the computer as it’s one of few places I can some what get comfortable

I would love to get a massage at this point in time but something tells me a massage would put me in more pain than I care to be in, considering sitting down is putting myself in pain, right now plans for Crystal and I going out tomorrow are still a go, the weather is looking good. Not just that but she’s hoping that I’ll be better that and we have limited amount of time for us to use these tickets we got for christmas for where we’re going..

Which reminds me I should plug in the rechargable batteries and get those charging and get my digital camcorder charging as well… I am hoping to be in alot less pain than I’m in for tomorrow, I also plan on going to bed early tonight in hopes of the pain pill I’m taking knocking me out and making me sleep all night…

Well that’s all from me for the time being, not feeling like doing a whole hell of a lot right now..


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