I Am Hyped…

I normally don’t mention of games I’m wanting to get in the future or anything like that… However thanks to one of my twitter followers I found out that Saints Row is coming out with a 4th installment which I then seen a trailer for it… Hence the title of this post “I AM HYPED” because after I watched the trailer and knowing what was included in the video game…
In the event you haven’t seen it:

Now that you’ve seen it, I’m sure you join me in being hyped…

First Saints Row Experience… The Funny Moment
My first memory of playing Saints Row was playing the first Saints Row… in the game your gang got its own color which turns out to be purple… I remember having my guy created a tall fatty (much similar to the man writing this) and with having to dawn purple gear in order to get extra bonus points for completing missions and what not, I found out that one Christmas the boys behind the game had put out a Santa Suit… and yes you could dawn that bad boy in the color purple… So while your playing the game and if you were in the background of a scene it would show my tall fatty dawning a purple santa suit… Trust me I had myself a few good laughs at that, had to pause the game just so I could resume breathing in order for me to play the game…. Yea I know many people will no doubt tell me I’m stupid for doing so and how I should take the game more seriously… But trust me my big fatty in a purple santa suit, could beat some ass when it came down to it….

Anyways just wanted to give this quick post…

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