My Absense

So you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t given a follow up to my previous post about if I’m leaving steam or not… the reason for my absense is i’ve been having trouble doing things over the last few days… As the last few days I’ve woken up with a little back pain which as of late it seems nothing new but it seems to go away after a little while, well today I had back pain again.. Which lasted a little longer than normal then as per usual for the winter I went outside and brought in some wood.. During this time with a armload of wood I slipped on some ice and when I did so I jerked my back causing more pain… Needless to say I haven’t been up to a whole lot after that… Crystal and I decided to call it a earlier night tonight since she has been feeling tired and I wanted to take a robax to help ease my pain.. Well while in bed out of no where I had a shooting pain go through my back that almost brought me to tears and it also felt like a panic attack at the same time as I had trouble breathing which lasted for what seemed like a good 5min but I’m sure it was prob for 1-2 until I started to take short breaths which seemed to help a bit.. As I laid down and got comfortable with the movie we chosen (don’t ask cause I don’t know) I dosed off for a short bit of time only to wake up in pain and trouble breathing..

At this point in time when I lay down I either am in pain or in pain and trouble breathing personally if those are my two options I would rather choose the first one for obvious reasons, I mentioned to Crystal that if I feel this way in the morning then there’s a good chance I’ll be asking her to bring in wood for me  considering I’m in no shape to do it…

Right now as I sit here inthis computer chair I have a large amount of pain going through my back which is causing me to take longer than I really want at typing this, the worse part is Crystal and I have plans for this weekend which isn’t a normal thing for us, but at this point in time even though plans are furthest from my mind I kinda think they’re off since I really can’t do a whole lot.

I’m no doubt going to find another movie to put on to fall asleep to because the last one I really wasn’t feeling and I can see me being awake for a while, the other bad part is I kinda want to have a laugh but it hurts way too much to laugh..

Doing anything right now seems like a bad idea, so I guess I should head back to bed… I wanted to give a update… I haven’t really played with the internet connection to see how things are at this point in time so I can’t comment on my previous post..

I can already see tonight being a very long and painful night, so I better get back to bed and hopefully find a position that will make me feel comfortable.
I have a few things I want to do with the site but bare with me for now

Well SHIT I’m even finding pain sitting in this chair, this is going to be a long long long night for me… Well I’ll reply when I can…


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