Take Things To The Next Level ??

Should I take things to the next level, I wanted a certain subdomain but as I figuread and as I’ve been told I can’t get it… The only way I can get something I want is basically to pay for it, as in pay for a domain.. Although truth be told I can’t afford the $18 in order to pay for it… So I thought I would post up a donation button on my site/blog in order to hopefully get a little help in funding that…

Although I have no idea what I want to do in terms of if I want to stick with a blog or not, I guess it kind of depends on how things work out… I know many people will tell me that doing a website is time consuming and it is difficult to do, it’s not really… Does wordpress really hold a advantage over a website ? in all honesty… no… not at all… Sure most major sites are blogs or CMS of some sort but that’s because they’re owned by a major corporation… We here are just a small company…  Nothing major has ever came from wordpress for us…. Ever since 2002 up until sometime in 2011 we were running on a web site…

So come and help the little guy to acheve something bigger… WE are here and WE are the little guys…

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