Advice To All Writers And Poets…

So while I’m slowly getting my new online home ready I wanted to give one last bit of advice  to all writers and poets…. That advice is simple:
Does that sound harsh ? it may come off as it but bare with me while I explain…

When I started to write I wrote some very dark material because at the time that’s the sort of place I was in… Yes I admit it I was in a dark place… The last few years my writing has changed it hasn’t been so dark, at first I thought people would look at me differently on sites that I’ve been on for a long time but you know what… They don’t… they seem to judge you on the first bit of work they read, if they were creeped out by it… they will always be creeped out by you and everything you write will always be focused on that first bit that you ever did write…
If your going through stuff and your going to write about what your going through be warned that it will come back and haunt you for the rest of your writing life…
I know I have had that happen to me on more than one occasion, as everyone wants to judge me on the old me and how the old me wrote and what the old me said.

I admit I use to be vocal about some stuff like people getting bullied and that sort of thing, to be honest… Nobody cares if your vocal about that or not…

So I’m currently working on going back to my own website, I’m unsure if I will keep this blog opened with all the posts I have or not.

700 views is nothing to me, it’s no different than anything else I’ve had… it’s no great accomplishment

You’ll never see me on any big poetry site or winning any sort of award or anything like that… cause unlike all of you….”I DON’T SELL OUT, CAUSE I DON’T SELL

All you want people to pay you to read your thoughts and read about your life…
Which is another reason why you won’t see me in a interview with the likes of wordpress or anything like that… I DON’T SELL OUT, CAUSE I DON’T SELL


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