Random Update…

So let me start by saying the other day I was fighting off a cold so I took some cold meds at night and was still feeling dopey in the morning so I wrote about it:

Last few nights I haven’t exactly been sleeping good myself, I know tonight I was in bed rather early which resulted me in getting out of bed around 2am and being on the computer doing a few things, such as this blog post for one.

I haven’t exactly decided what I’m going to do, in terms of a blog or a website from here on out, I have started work on the website in the event that’s what I choose but at this point in time nothing is set in stone…
I noticed when it comes to a blog you basically have to blog every day in order to keep traffic, considering by the looks of my statistics I haven’t recived a single view in the last 2-4 days…

I know various things will be changing this year and no doubt in the next couple months which is why I’ve been thinking about what is best for the company.


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