Oh Computer Games…

I know I said a while back I was going to get into computer gaming, I haven’t met anything this challenging since doing so… I normally don’t pay full price for games.. I tend to buy games used however that is becoming a pain in the ass… No it’s not that I can’t find them it’s the fact that 95% of the newly released games require you to have to buy the game new in order to play them… To be honest I’m not a fan of dropping $50+ on a new game, not even a new video game I’m not a fan of doing so…

So my adventure into buying computer games to play has been a rough one. I have a few of them and I haven’t gotten into playing anything seriously at this point in time so I can’t be naming the games I’m into and the games that I’m not…. At least at this time.

Not sure how long my run with computer games is going to last me, but I honestly haven’t touched my 360 in a while.. well touched it for a long time.. I do turn it on now and then but that’s about it.
I haven’t really gotten into a game since prob last year
As per usual for myself I’ve been listening to a bunch of random music (always on the look out for something new that I like) and watching a shitload of Movies / TV Series the latest one I’m hooked on is Breaking Bad.. Just can’t seem to watch it enough.. So enjoy the show, sadly right now the final season that is due out later this year is looking costly… $45 which is a little too high for me.

Anyways back to doing what I was doing


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