Picking Up Second Hand Items…

So as many of you may or may not know I always enjoy picking up items basically anything I can second hand, it saves a ton of money upfront and at times in the long run. Couple a day ago while I was out with Crystal I came across a CD that I’ve been rather hunting for, for quite sometime… for those who wonder the cd is:

Artist: Mushroomhead
Title: XIII
You can check out a music video from the track:

I’ve been a fan of the band for quite sometime and always glad to snag up CDs when I find them, they’re are very few artists that I keep my eyes open for and who I still keep in the CD case to place on my shelf and they are one of them.

The other day I started to Catalog our CDs using a program I mentioned a while ago called Data Crow at this point in time we have just shy of 300 and sadly we’re running out of room, so I devised a idea to buy CD books (the small ones) as they fit perfectly where we keep some of our CDs and I figure I will take the lesser listened CDs out of cases and shove them into these books, which for the short time it has been doing rather well and cleaning things up, at this point in time we have just shy of 300 CDs but you can trust me when I say I’m not done yet because I know I have plenty more I need to catalog since Crystal and I always end up snagging up CDs when we find them that we want to check out new bands or pick up albums we don’t have of bands we already enjoy.

Anyways right now it’s late and I should crawl back into bed since I have a bunch of stuff I would like to do tomorrow and hopefully I won’t feel as lazy as I have been feeling..


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