Unjust Love… My Thoughts… @tweetmesohard (Twiztid)

As I said in a previous post this would be a multiple post day, not sure if another post will happen after this or not… But anyways most of the time I don’t reveal much about me or my tastes in music although that shall change… I was surfing onto one of my most common sites to visit called Faygoluvers.net where I read (this article) which it gives a brief little write up about the rap duo known as Twiztid, I’ve listened them for a few years at this point in time and when it comes to music at first I would run out and buy every album I can get my hands on… Although that would quickly change, I’m not from USA, I’m from Canada now what many independent labels do is they have one fixed price for shipping no matter if you buy one item or up to 3 or 5 your paying X price per shipping… This has always been a pain in the ass for myself because for the most part I only buy CDs, I just recently started to use iTunes more and more frequently as it’s a kick ass tool for buying independent music as you don’t have to pay for shipping… I know many artists will autograph CDs at times but as much as I want that autograph that shipping is what I keep looking at…

I then got into the habit of, buying a CD only if it sounds good to me… We all have those CDs that we bought for one or two tracks that were amazing when we bought them and some of us (like myself) still has those CDs why do I have those CDs ? Cause it’s not like I would get anything from them as CDs don’t sell for shit anymore not since the world has gone digital so I just keep my CDs at times I do still buy CD’s as well… but anyways I’m getting off track.. As I was saying I only buy a CD if it sounds good to me now, well the group known as Twiztid recently dropped a song from the upcoming album that had both myself and Crystal rather enjoying… Maybe it was the flow, maybe it was cause it was some what relate-able..

If the boys do read this, I do plan on getting the album, but once it hits iTunes… I hope it’s going to hit iTunes…

For those who want to check out the track I’m talking about I’m hoping this will work because it works for any music I create so I may have to do a quick edit on this thing to fix things but I’ll try my method first: (Update… My Method didn’t work… but thanks to the people behind Faygoluvers.net they had a user made video so thanks to the guy who made that cause that’s how I’m posting the song too…

Hope y’all enjoy that…


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