To Release Or Not To Release ???

To Release or Not to Release ?
yes that seems to be the question, if your a writer/poet and you have old material (which trust me I have plenty of) Would you release it ? or would you be concerned that people would think you should be locked away in a padded room ? Since during some of your old poetry you went through some dark times and thats what you wrote about ?

My thoughts are this… RELEASE IT…
Everyone goes through dark times, your just in a better spot right now and you can outright acknowledge the fact that you went through that and your still living today.. Similar to me as I have been through dark times and spent a ton of time writing about it.
Will people think I need to be locked away in a padded room ? well people have been telling me that all my life, that just basically means I get to hug myself more often… Besides Ned Flanders was in a padded room at one point…

Not only that but if your in a better spot and if you feel like releasing some of the old material some where down the road and people bitch, those are the same people who would bitch about the bible or about history… Bad shit happens in the past… Yes Jesus did get crucified… Yes it was violent…

Everyone takes chances at one point in there life, hell look at Columbus he found America and someone in your family tree must have thought it was a good idea because your here too (that is if you are)

So go for it and take the chance… I just recently came across 2 old releases that I can release that were from my darker times… They shall get released… I just have to edit them in order to get them out.


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