Platinum Poet… Release

So not long ago I sat down with one of the old releases of mine that hasn’t been put out to our distributors and I went through everything editing it all up all nice the way my distributors want and I did up a cover.. Which I later disliked so I did up another cover which is the cover that got released with things so now it’s been approved for full distribution so I thought I would post it up here, for anyone who hasn’t read it to have a chance to do so.

I also have some rather good news, I currently got 3 releases that don’t have full distribution I talked with my distributor why things were getting rejected… Well needless to say I should be getting shit full distribution in due time I just have to fix up a bunch of things.. But that’ll be done another time nothing I’ll be working on tonight…

As per usual we also got a bunch of surprises coming up so be sure to keep your eyes locked right here for all that great shit…


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