Fear Not Oyster…

For those of you who may use the service known as Oyster who may not have checked out any of our releases you have nothing to fear as we’ll be making our way to Oyster in due time… Just got wind that the people at Smashwords have signed on to ship to them as well..  Which will mean that if you haven’t checked us out because you’ve been waiting for us to come to a service near you, we are coming to that service… We shall be in your hand in due time with all of our books for you to read.

I was going to do up my own graphic but still working on fighting this cold isn’t helping a whole lot as I haven’t been doing a whole lot in terms of graphics as my new meds that are extra strength have been knocking me on my ass and making me all dopey. So I borrowed the graphic that Smashwords people used… but in any event you get the idea..

For more information from smashwords in regards to this (read the blog post here)

For now it’s time for me to rest

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