Have You Ever Wanted ?

Have you ever wanted to take a release that you started but didn’t finish but had it put out to just a small crowd and wanted to just redo it with a different direction… Well I do… I currently have a very tiny release called “Anger” which right now has 325 downloads which isn’t bad but that’s only a localized release it hasn’t gotten pushed out to all the distributors… I’ve wanted to redo it for sometime now I just haven’t had any ideas that I wanted to push forward… Well I got one, I think I have one… with it being late at night  I’m not going to say a whole lot about my idea as I always have had great ideas going to bed but when I wake up I can’t think of them or I can’t make sense of them.. I choose not to write them down, I simply choose the method of:
“If I remember in the morning then it is no doubt worth doing, if I don’t remember then it wasn’t worth doing”

So we’ll see if I can remember it when I wake up, who knows I may even start working on it who really knows…

But with so many ideas swimming through my mind who knows what’ll make it to a release and what won’t….

As per usual i’ll try and keep ya updated.


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