My Take On Bad Reviews…

So I’ve often been asked “how do you cope with bad reviews” my advice to all writers and to all who want to give me bad reviews is this….

Advice to writers – don’t sweat it…. that simple

Advice to people who gave me bad reviews – keep at it… wanna keep writing bad reviews go for it…

If you want me to pay attention to your bad review that you just wrote about me then my advice is this…. Go to my lovely new Donations page… and donate me $10…. the same price you would buy a album from iTunes and after you donate goto my contacts page and drop me a email with a link to your bad review… Then I may give a shit… but if your not going to pay me but your going to go and trash me…. Have fun…. because when you trash me without paying me… your just pouring gasoline on the fire… cause your bad review is not going to slow me down anytime soon..

So that’s my take on bad reviews….


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