Rough Couple Of Days..

I’ve been having a rough couple of days, so I haven’t really been working on things…  it all started with tuesday night…
At my computer desk I had a rather nice and comfy computer chair so as per usual I sat on it in the evening and i leaned back to flick the fan on as I’ve done many times and I heard a pop no it wasn’t me… It was the chair, the chair immediately attempted to fold up with me in it… so after goofing with the chair I got off of it and I grabbed a flash light to have a look at things and a certain part of the chair that normally doesn’t touch the ground was touching the ground and in fact was dragging on the ground… So I had the brillant idea of if I push the chair forward maybe I can get it to pop back and things be alright… oh yea things popped alright… I broke the chair right off the stand, in one way I was happy it broke the way it did another way I was not… I was happy because nobody was sitting in it and nobody got hurt… I wasn’t cause I liked the chair and I did some what hurt myself when it broke…

On wednesday something else happened I won’t get into details as it’s kinda personal…

Here I am now sitting on Friday the 13th at 214am, later today (around 11ish) I’m suppose to go get a new chair or at least go check a new one out, it’s leather and it looks really comfortable .. Here’s hoping it is, so I can be comfortable while at the computer again as the chair I currently have is alright but with being tall I don’t have much back support..

On a side note I am still currently playing around with the video program I mentioned I’m looking at, well I can’t say I’m playing around with it cause truth be told I haven’t had a chance to look at it.. I know tomorrow will be kinda out of the question as there’s a lot to do.

But anyways its late and I have to get up early which I’m not looking forward to doing.


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