Ability To Pre-Order

So a little while ago with my distributor I now have the option of setting up “Pre-Orders” which for those who have never preordered something before what that means is…
I can post up the full book information including the full book and have it listed up on the site for you to add it to your library ahead of time and when a certain date comes along you’ll get notification that the book has been released and is now in your library.

At this point in time I have not made any efforts in order to use this feature or preordering since I have said from the start that my releases don’t really have a release date as I don’t plan anything as I just get things done and listed ASAP so they can get out into the world. I have honestly thought about doing up one or two books as preorders to see if there is enough people who would jump on it to make it worth the while of doing things up in a more professional manner.

Which brings me to the lovely image to the left… that is the cover of the first ever “Christmas Release” that I have done called “Dark Daze Of Christmas” as it was originally written and published back in 2011 and at this current post it has 331 downloads to date…  I have thought about doing up another Christmas type of release but at this point in time I just haven’t invested in any sort of thought into doing that… That and I have no idea what my morbid mind would come up with if I did attempt to sit down and set something like that up, but something like that is what I would do and use the preorder function with and basically just keep plugging the release every month and every few posts… But right now it’s just a matter of thought inside my morbid mind.

Aside from that I wanted to let you all know that I have a bunch of ideas that I’m planning for releases  over the next little while, providing how much time will allow me.

I’m not going to let the cat out of the hat yet for my ideas or what order they’ll be coming in because it depends what goes on in my life that will affect what I do.

But anyways just wanted to drop some more information since I haven’t been on in a few days so I thought a double post today would fill you in on everything

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