Gotta Hand To To @Microsoft @Windows

So I tend not to post much tech news but I gotta had it to Microsoft Windows, yes both teams and the company as a whole.
Earlier tonight I was over on Softpedia and read this article…. Which basically states that Microsoft is giving all windows 8 users 2 years to upgrade to 8.1 and those that do will get continued support for the system until January 10th 2023
As I said  you can read the article in the link above.

So if you have windows 8 my suggestion is to upgrade for sure, I’m currently running on windows 8.1 and have enjoyed every last minute of things for sure, I know I lost a few older programs that don’t work with windows 8.1 but I really don’t care… There’s always alternatives that are out there that will be more frequently updated and can suit your needs better.

So I thought I would post up a bit of tech news, since I do admit I am kinda a nerd when it comes to computers and I do keep up on the latest information and all that…

Plus anyone whose running windows 8.1 RTM you should know you got a rather large update coming in before 8.1 officially gets released… you can read about it (right here) and take note to the “we won’t post download links” line…. All I’ll say is …. Your Welcome

Anyways its late, once this download is done and installed I shall be calling it a night.


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