Busy Time Of Year…

I know I haven’t been online to post a whole lot lately which is rather unusual if your following my blog although as of late I have been busier than usual… For a while I thought about going back and creating the websites like I use to but the lack of creativity for a website doesn’t really work and it’s much easier to keep a blog where 99% of the work is done for me behind the scenes… As I’m sure most of you already know considering your bloggers yourself and if anyone has ran a website before making the jump they know how painful things were or can be depending on how they have there site setup or if they pay someone to do it.

Since the start of things Crystal and I have been taking at on of photos and we’ve been looking at a way to share them and with our last post in regards to the resident bunnies been wanting to get photos of them up, I also have a video that I’m looking at getting online perhaps later on this evening I don’t know.

I know that’s one thing I’m looking into is a spot to post photos and right now the front runner seems to be a small site known as Flickr now I know many people use a ton of different sites for photos in which I have checked out myself but I have came to realize that the best thing that I can do are things that will link or hook into the blog to make things easier… I know Flickr is one of those spots.. At this point in time I haven’t uploaded anything but I do have an account with them so things will just be a matter of time…
So what’s holding me up from posting ? nothing really just been busy…
No it has nothing to do with Crystal saying she doesn’t want her photos posted because she’s very much for doing so as she’s always encouraging me to do stuff..

I know this time of year is always a bit busier for people and I’m no different.
But as per usual I’ll do my best to keep y’all posted on anything I do.


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