The Bully Project…

So a while ago I heard of this movie and movement that was starting called “Bully Project” for more information click the image on the left as I’m not going to sit and talk about it…

Instead… I’m going talk about me, yes me…. I was bullied in high school… still remember it, rather well too… Here I sit as a 32 year old man and it still affects me as I got bullied for how I look, music I listen to and how I talk since I do have a speech impediment and I’ll be completely honest with you I have trouble pronouncing the letter “R”…
I still get people who can’t understand me, and it makes me want to lash out over it just how I sometimes get treated.

I still remember coming home from high school, getting in the door… maybe lasting 5 minutes before, tears start running down my face from all the shit that went on through the day when I was at school… The school did fuck all about it and I bet they still continue to do fuck all about it as well.

I know Crystal went through it as well, I know at times we talked about it, we still do talk about it…

I remember since Crystal and I got dating we talked about having kids, I honestly told her “No, I don’t want kids…” when she asked why I still remember my exact response:
“I don’t want my kid, to go through what I went through growing up… I would be that one parent who would beat the living piss outta the kid or kids who bullied my kid”
Because I know what went through my mind when it was happening and I know that things aren’t easy for kids since many kids jump online to continue there attack since they seem to have this “cloak of darkness” when they’re online so they feel they can be anyone they want to be….

Anyways I’m just going to post this before I start a 20 page blog post and perhaps get my blog kicked off of wordpress of shit I say…

Perhaps a part 2 may take place I don’t know…


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